Housing Opportunity Planning (HOP) Grants provide municipalities with the financial resources to hire qualified consultants to conduct proposed project work.

Grantees may contract with their regional planning commissions or select from the pre-approved list, below, of qualified consultants for project work without engaging in a competitive bidding process.

List of Qualified NH HOP Consultants

Alternatively, grantees may undertake a competitive process to identify a consultant by issuing a Request for Qualifications or Request for Proposals. As a grant condition, the Steering Committee reserves the right to assess the qualifications of any consultant not included on the pre-approved list and to reject any such consultant it deems to be underqualified to perform the proposed work.

If you are a consultant and you would like to be added to the list of pre-approved qualified consultants, please respond to the Request for Qualifications for HOP Consultant List (PDF).